Updates from CSOS



Deadline: September 15, 2012

In partnership with CAOT, the Canadian Society of Occupational Scientists will be hosting its 3rd occupational science stream at the 2013 CAOT Conference in Victoria, BC. Parallel to the theme of the larger CAOT conference, the occupational science stream is inviting papers that address current realities and future possibilities in occupational science. Theoretical, methodological and research papers and posters addressing issues of diversity, culture, place, and community in relation to occupation and / or the potential of occupational science to contribute to solutions such as occupational transformation or enablement of occupation of persons or populations will be given priority. Submission for panels addressing the potential of occupational science to inform practice solutions and policy related to enabling occupation are welcomed from researchers engaged in the study of human occupation from a variety of disciplinary lenses.

New this year! Occupational science submissions will be submitted with the occupational therapist submissions through CAOT.

CSOS Website Redesign

Later this summer (mid-August 2012) the CSOS website will be getting a new look. The site will also have enhanced features that will allow you to submit documents (abstracts, award applications, membership info) all through the new site.


The 2012 CSOS AGM Teleconference was held on March 19th.

The Board would like to wlecome Mary Egan from the University of Ottawa who was acclaimed as our new vice-president. The Board would also like to welcome Janet Njelesani (PhD Student at University of Toronto), Laura Hartman (PhD Student at Western University), Shanon Phelan (PhD Student at Western University), and Katie Lee (PhD Student at University of British Columbia) who were all elected as members-at-large by the CSOS Membership.

The Board would also like to thank Debbie Laliberte Rudman, Michèle Barrière-Dion, Julia Rozanova, Dianna Robertson and Annette Rivard for the contributions they made to the CSOS during their terms (ending at the 2012 AGM).